Social Security Disability Attorney: SSDI & SSI Benefits

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Social security law is a benefit for clients who have disabilities. There are two types of social security law called SSDI and SSI. SSDI are the benefits for a client who has paid into social security over multiple years. SSI are benefits for clients who have a disability but are not making a substantial income. 

They have either not worked or have worked at low paying jobs. J Kirk Kling Law Office PC knows what to do with both types of social security cases. If you have a disability and have not worked or have worked at a low paying job, give us a call. We may be able to get you the social security money you need and deserve. Give us a call at (814) 941-6699.

Quality Customer & Client Service

When you call J Kirk Kling Law Offices, you are getting quality customer and client service. We will sit down with you to discuss which benefit of social security would help based on the information you give us about your disability or working situation. We will then sit down with you and help you fill out the paperwork correctly. From there, your job is done! We will file the paperwork with the Federal Government and get you the social security money that is owed to you. All you have to do is call J Kirk Kling Law Office PC to schedule an appointment to sit down with us and figure out a solution. When filling out documents for social security disability, it is important to fill out all of the information correctly to get the benefits you need.  

• Date of Birth

• Place of Birth

• Social Security Number

• Detailed Info About Medical Issues

• Names of Doctors, Hospitals, & Clinics

• Information about Place of Employment

• Birth Certificate

• Other Documentation

• Applications for Benefits

• Information to Apply for Benefits

• Documents to Provide

• Mailing Your Applications

Licensed to Practice in Pennsylvania

J Kirk Kling Law Office PC has been operating out of Altoona, Pennsylvania for over 30 years. We are members of many legal associations, which creates a trustworthy law office for you to work with. We are an accomplished trial lawyer that is part of Blair and Huntingdon County Bar associations. We are also licensed to practice before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and every other court in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Our consultations only cost $75! So, give us a call today to talk about social security law and other legal areas like wills, trusts, estates.

Call a Professional Lawyer to File Info

Disability law has a lot of paperwork and files needed. We suggest that you hire a professional lawyer to give you all the details. The courts will need everything from your birth certificate to the names and locations of your doctors’ offices. Let us help you save some time and frustration. J Kirk Kling Law Offices PC can help you file all of your paperwork and send it to the correct institution to get you your disability claim. 

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