Wills, Trusts, & Estate Matters Affect Your Family

Examine Important Legal Aspects of Your Estate

Wills, trusts, and estates are an important legal aspect to examine early. Wills protect family assets and give clients the opportunity to provide their family with certain belongings that they wish to assign or give away. J Kirk Kling Law Office PC can help you with living wills, which is the Durable Healthcare Power of Attorney. 

Our office can assist with legal consultation on estate administration. It is wise to examine your assets, bank account, home, car, rights, licenses, and more in advance of someone’s untimely passing. We can help you with all your will, trusts, and estate planning. Just call us to schedule an appointment at (814) 941-6699

Working with Families on Wills & Trusts

When a family member passes away, we know the process of creating a will and dividing the estate left behind is a difficult process. J Kirk Kling Law Office PC can help. We work with the family of the deceased to divide all the assets among the next of kin and other beneficiaries. We will help you write your will to divide the estate the way you want it. Even if we did not prepare the will of your loved one, we can offer advice to the Executor or Administrator. We work diligently to make sure that everything is settled as quickly and efficiently as possible.

• Planning Wills

• Setting Up a Trust

• Estate Planning

• Avoiding Probate

• Selecting Beneficiaries

• Dividing up Belongings

• Choosing Guardians

• Estate Administration

• Choosing the Executor

Family-Friendly Lawyer Ready to Assist on Legal Matters in Altoona

J Kirk Kling Law Office PC is a family-friendly lawyer who can assist you in all legal matters pertaining to wills, trusts, estates, and social security law. Our consultation fee is only $75. We have been serving the Altoona, Pennsylvania, area for over 30 years with our trustworthy legal services. We are certified to practice in every court in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, including the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Call us to schedule your consultation today!

Helping with All Aspects of Will Planning & Filing Paperwork

Writing a will and planning out how to set up a trust can be difficult. J Kirk Kling Law Offices PC can help with all aspects of planning and filling out paperwork.  If you would like to plan ahead on how you would like to divide your assets, we are the lawyers to help. J Kirk Kling Law Office PC provides counsel at every step. We will accompany clients to the courthouse to be sworn in as the executor of the will. Call today to schedule a consultation to assist in writing your will and having it carried out correctly. 

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